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Awards & Bursaries Granted

MOSAIC is proud to present annually the following awards as an ongoing manifestation of our commitment to the values of cultural diversity.

Human Rights Award

Human Rights Award
This award is presented to a person or organization that has made a significant contribution in the field of human rights and ethnic relations. Learn more

Dr. Kes Chetty Award

Dr. Kes Chetty Award
This award will be made to a MOSAIC client, immigrant or refugee who wants to pursue academic or vocational studies. Learn more

Employer Recognition Award

Employer Recognition Award
This award is presented to an employer for leadership and commitment in providing a workplace that supports the principles of multiculturalism and employment equity. Learn more

Eyob G. Naizghi Scholarship Award

Eyob G. Naizghi Scholarship Award
This $5,000 scholarship will be awarded to a female refugee for leadership development through education and training. Learn more

We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in your hands to make a difference.Nelson Mandela
Started as Britannia Secondary School Bursary Award, its name was changed to Secondary School Bursary Award in 2014. The award is made to students of immigrant or refugee background, from the graduating class of selected secondary schools in the communities served by MOSAIC. The selected students must want to pursue post-secondary education, academic standing and demonstrated tenacity are also considered. The award is made on the recommendation of the participating schools.

2015 Helen Dinh and Mary Arakelyan (Britannia Secondary); Melannie Osorio (Burnaby South Secondary); Karen Bautista and Sodaba Orya (New Westminster Secondary); Hamida Haji-Bolow (Windermere Secondary)
2014 Dasha Tyukova and Murtaza Jaffery (Britannia Secondary)
2013 Sariah Conor and Rachel Bwishe (Britannia Secondary)
2012 Carmen Loh and Patricia Poon (Britannia Secondary)
2011 Shurooq Khan and Mariana Ruiz Esparza Medina (Britannia Secondary)
2010 Jessie Sun and Neell Young (Britannia Secondary)
2009 Divia Mattoo and Berny Siu (Britannia Secondary)
2008 Charlie Ni and Tu Tai Khuong (Britannia Secondary)
2007 Yasmin Chaeichi and Ya Zhi Liu (Britannia Secondary)
2006 Bin Gao and Susan Salame (Britannia Secondary)
2005 Antonio Joao and Carter Zhang (Britannia Secondary)
2004 Rosa Chae Dong and Annie Chow (Britannia Secondary)
2003 Tongxin Feng, Jimmy Li, Samuel Liu and Andrey Luchnaninov (Britannia Secondary)
2002 Peter Zhang, Curtis Tsai, and Can Huynh Ngo (Britannia Secondary)
2001 Siu Ching Tsui and Lan Ngo (Britannia Secondary)
2000 Thai Ngo and Avana Vranic (Britannia Secondary)