About this award

Thanks to the generous support of the donors, the Ann & Jo-Ann Sobkow Award has been established to provide financial support to refugees aged 25 years and over for the advancement of their education in a helping profession.

The Ann & Jo-Ann Sobkow Award is meant to embrace diversity and its primary purpose is to support the student’s post-secondary education across Canada in a helping profession (e.g. Education, health care, social work counselling, community development, etc.). The Award is in the amount of $3,000 from 2022 – 2026.  After which time the financials of the scholarship will be reviewed to determine how much will be allocated for 2027 – 2031

For more information on the Ann and Jo-Ann Sobkow Scholarship Award and the Donor memorial fund go to: Sobkow Award page.

Selection process

The Awards Committee of MOSAIC Board of Directors will select awardees based on the criteria of financial need, merit, and acceptance by a Canadian post-secondary educational institution for an appropriate course or program of studies.


Applications are now open – Candidates must be nominated by a staff member of a community organization and complete application form. Click here to download the application form (PDF).

Completed application forms must be returned to MOSAIC via email at info@mosaicbc.org or mail to 5575 Boundary Road, Vancouver, BC.


Award criteria

The following are preferences to be considered in the selection of successful candidates. 

  • Candidates will be refugees and currently residing in Canada. 
  • Candidates will be 25 years of age and over. 
  • Candidates will be undertaking education in a Canadian post-secondary institution in support of career transitions and/or Canadian accreditation for gainful employment, continued settlement and contributions in Canada. 
  • Candidates will be undertaking education in a helping profession (e.g. Education, health care, social work, counselling, community development, etc.). 
  • Selection will focus on people with high economic need. 
  • Candidates must provide proof of application to and/or enrolment in an appropriate program at a Canadian post-secondary institution.