Paul Cheng

Board Member

Paul Cheng is a registered architect, and a senior staff member at the City of Vancouver Planning Department.  As a new board member, I hope to contribute to the growth and effectiveness of MOSAIC.  I bring with me: A knowledge of municipal planning and permitting processes; architectural design skills, experience in negotiation and problem-solving between multiple interests; and a passion/obsession for community-building and urbanism.  I also hope that my experience with MOSAIC will enrich and inform my effectiveness as a city planner.

I immigrated to Canada as an infant with my family during the early 1970’s.  I grew up in Toronto in an exceptionally multicultural neighbourhood, and spent my 20’s, studying and then starting my career as an architect, in Montreal.  My time in Quebec, as well as a year working in Taiwan, has given me a strong impression of the challenges my parents faced when they decided to start a new life in Canada.  The linguistic and cultural challenges facing newcomers can be stressful, while other spinoff effects such as loneliness can be debilitating.  Since then, I have come to view my experience as a migrant as just one of billions of migration stories that I would like to draw from and understand.  It is my view that the movement of people seeking opportunities and a better life will be a constant phenomenon as the world continues to globalize, and the accommodation of this phenomenon is critical for the future success of humanity.