Immigrant support groups


The relationships we build at MOSAIC with our clients are built on trust and responsibility. The information here will tell you about what you can expect while a client of MOSAIC programs.

At MOSAIC, we value the Rights & Responsibilities entitled to all clients in Canada, which reflect our shared traditions, identity and values. We have created our own Rights & Responsibilities guide to serve as the voice of our own standards and values and our expectations of clients.

Refusal of Service

You can refuse to give us certain information and can refuse all or part of the services we offer at any time. MOSAIC staff will explain the outcome of your refusal and will not treat any client unfairly for refusing or stopping services.

Respect, Dignity & Care

MOSAIC staff will treat you with respect, dignity and care. You are entitled to receive quality professional service and fair treatment, free of discrimination, in a safe and respectful environment. We will strive to keep you informed at all times of your options or of other services available to you.

In Canada, your rights come with certain responsibilities. As such, we expect you to treat other clients, staff and volunteers with respect, privacy, dignity and care. We ask that you respect others, striving to maintain their privacy and honour diversity. Toward MOSAIC staff, we request that you follow through with agreed-upon decisions, provide feedback about services received, be on time for services and inform MOSAIC if you cannot come to your service appointment.