Give Monthly

A subscription for Good

You’ve got Netflix for your shows and Spotify for your music. Now you can add a subscription for Good—by partnering with MOSAIC as a monthly donor.

For as little as $10 a month you can become an advocate for immigrants, refugees and newcomers every day of the year. Our monthly donors are part of a passionate community building a foundation for newcomers to start their lives in BC.

How it works

  • Choose your monthly gift amount.
  • Donate by credit card with our online form below. Or donate by direct debit by mailing us a void cheque and a completed monthly giving form. Each month we’ll withdraw your donation and put it to work.
  • Our monthly donors are the people we count on to provide a reliable stream of support for MOSAIC’s services and programs to immigrants and refugees throughout the year.
  • Change or stop your donation any time—simply contact Sharon Butler at

In February each year we’ll email you a tax receipt for the total amount of your annual donations. As a monthly donor there’s no need to try and remember when you last donated, or hurry to get in your tax-deductible donations before the end of year tax cut-off. Because when you’re a monthly donor, you’re always making a difference.

And that means everything—to the newcomers receiving help from MOSAIC, and to the front-line staff who work with them every day and hear their stories. Thank you. Your partnership changes lives.

Please join us today.

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