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Lourdes is now a Registered Nurse_0
How Lourdes became a Registered Nurse in two short years!

Lourdes, at age 28, came to Canada on her own in March 2013 with four years’ experience as a Registered Nurse from the Philippines. She was very eager to go back to work in her profession, however, she had no concrete information about the Nursing Career path.

MOSAIC's resource room in the Vancouver North East Employment Centre
Shay’s journey to working in Social Services

Shay was a newcomer to BC with some experience in both hospital and community services he had gained in Alberta. Upon arriving in BC, Shay connected with a case manager, Khalid, at the Northeast Employment Services Centre. Khalid recognized that Shay had very strong interpersonal skills, paid great attention to detail and was able to understand peoples’ needs.