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How Lourdes became a Registered Nurse in two short years!

Lourdes, at age 28, came to Canada on her own in March 2013 with four years’ experience as a Registered Nurse from the Philippines. She was very eager to go back to work in her profession, however, she had no concrete information about the Nursing Career path.

For her, the important thing was to be gainfully employed and to get on track to become a nurse in Canada. With that drive, Lourdes networked with the Filipino community and anyone who can give her information on how to become a Registered Nurse.
Then she heard about the services at MOSAIC and enquired about the Skills Connect for Immigrants Program. She attended an information session and was subsequently assigned to an Employment Counsellor. At their first meeting, they discussed various career paths, educational courses, licensures, labor market trends and job search workshops which were something new to her. It was different in her home country where she would have to gain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing to become a Registered Nurse. She was now absolutely clear as to the requirements necessary to find work in Canada.

During the course of the Skills Connect Program, Lourdes participated in a number of workshops including Résumé and Cover Letter Writing, BC Employment Standards, Interview Preparation, Orientation to Canadian Workplace Culture and other workshops necessary to gain career awareness and employment. She also completed all the necessary steps toward her licensure, which included the English Examination, Substantially Equivalent Competency Assessment (SEC) Examination, CLPNBC, CRNBC, Nursing in Canada Online Course at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, and for further skills and knowledge enhancement, she participated in Basic Life Support, Automated External Defibrillator, Food Safety 1 and Advanced Cardiac Life Support Trainings.

At one point, she thought it would take her many years to complete her Nursing program but in two short years, she has fulfilled her dream. She’s working as a Registered Nurse at Broadway Pentecostal Lodge.

According to Lourdes, she is forever grateful for the support and guidance the Skills Connect for Immigrants Program and gave her throughout this process. She added that she would have not been where she is now without the great efforts of the MOSAIC Staff.

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MOSAIC's resource room in the Vancouver North East Employment Centre
Shay’s journey to working in Social Services

Shay was a newcomer to BC with some experience in both hospital and community services he had gained in Alberta. Upon arriving in BC, Shay connected with a case manager, Khalid, at the Northeast Employment Services Centre. Khalid recognized that Shay had very strong interpersonal skills, paid great attention to detail and was able to understand peoples’ needs.

Khalid helped Shay complete a formal needs assessment and Career Cruising Assessment. Both indicated that the career path for Shay was social services.
To gain employment in the social service sector, Shay had to expand his network and improve his job searching skills. He acquired certificates in First Aid, attended job search workshops and used the Resource Centre to access the internet and find up-to-date labour market information. He also practiced the skills he learned in the workshops.

Shay also worked with a Recruitment Specialist at the Centre for Job Development Services. With the help of the Recruitment Specialist, he was able to increase his network and target specific employers.

Due to Shay’s motivation, dedication and positive attitude, he was offered a clerical support staff position at a hospital in Vancouver in late February.

Shay appreciates the services and support he received. “A great big thank you to the NE MOSAIC Team for helping me start my new life in Vancouver. I have a good job now! You Rock!”