An Inclusive & Diverse Surrey

A Collaborative Approach to Combatting Discrimination

On March 23, 2018, Surrey OARH invited local community partners to understand challenges of discrimination in their surroundings, empower communities to develop a response, and join the network to support inclusion. Read more.

About the Forum

To establish a preventative initiative towards the rise of discrimination and racism in the community, OARH has developed the following target goals:

  1. Discover best practices and integrate them into OARH’s resource bank
  2. Empower communities and participants to implement protocol
  3. Provide education about the current discourse on discrimination
  4. Increase OARH’s community network to support inclusion
  5. Increase OARH’s capacity to foster best practices & response mechanisms to discrimination

Event details

Friday, March 23, 2018
9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Surrey City Hall
13450 104 Ave
Surrey, BC

Free admission!

About OARH

Organizing Against Racism and Hate (OARH) was established in 2001 to support a coordinated community approach to counter racism and hate activity in BC. The network is comprised of leaders in anti-racism and multiculturalism work, province-wide.


  • Communities have an increased knowledge and understanding of racism & hate
  • Communities are mobilized to implement racism & hate response protocols
  • Networks provide leadership by engaging community members in dialogues
  • Community partners develop collaborative best practices for inclusion
  • Community partners welcome public perception, voice, and opinion to anti-race discourse

Click here for a background document on racism and hate in Surrey (Word document).