Alexandra Dawly

Senior Manager
Refugee Resettlement and Integration Programs

As the Senior Manager of Refugee Resettlement and Integration Programs, Alexandra supports passionate teams who are spearheading innovative resettlement programs and critical refugee claimant services. Alexandra is an internationally recognized leader in refugee resettlement, integration, participatory research, and organizational capacity development. She has held a variety of roles within MOSAIC since joining in 2018.

Alexandra is humbled by seeing people with refugee background thrive in the community. She is energized by cultivating opportunities for refugees to leverage their talents and skills in a meaningful way such as through forums, leadership roles, film, and photography. Alexandra collaborates closely with community partners as well as with all levels of government in the area of refugee support. On a national level, Alexandra represents MOSAIC on the Canadian Council for Refugee’s Inland Protection Steering Committee.

Alexandra has a Masters Degree in International Social Development from the University of Sussex (UK) where she specialized in Forced Migration studies. She has worked with displaced persons throughout Canada, the Middle East and Central Europe. Alexandra’s work exemplifies a core belief of “nothing for refugees without refugees.”