Chantelle MacIsaac

Senior Manager
Quality Assurance & Performance Improvement

Chantelle MacIsaac is the Manager of Quality Assurance. She joined MOSAIC in 2002 and held several positions within the Language and Employment Department including instructor, coordinator and manager. She supported the LINC program with the transition to Portfolio-Based Language Assessment and has been an active member of provincial settlement committees, including the AMSAA BC LINC Guidelines Committee and the BC Settlement Outcomes Working Group.

Chantelle has a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology, with a major in International Development and a Bachelor of Education, with a specialization in Teaching English as a Second Language. She draws on her teaching and administration background to implement effective systems that support the continuous improvement of the organization and the optimization of integrated services to clients. Chantelle values and creates space for the voices of all stakeholders in program evaluation and improvement, including the recipients of service, volunteers, front line staff, management and the community.