Hugo Velázquez Vázquez

Senior Manager
Community Engagement, Advocacy and Migrant Workers Programs

Hugo is a Human Rights lawyer certified in Mexico, with a Master in Asia Pacific Studies at The Australian National University.

Working as a Mexican diplomat in Vancouver, Hugo was responsible for overviewing the health and well-being of the more than 6,000 migrant workers who come to British Columbia each year. Together, with his team, and in collaboration with many stakeholders, they were able to ensure proper healthcare, housing, and treatment for these workers who play a vital role in the agricultural sector of B.C.

In a previous capacity, he led a team that designed and implemented the National Disability Rights Program in accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities as part of the National Human Rights Commission (Mexico).

Hugo constantly strives to promote equity, inclusion, and diversity, both within his team and in our community.