Mei Lee

Senior Manager
Vancouver Northeast WorkBC & Business Performance/Systems

Mei Lee has worked in the Human Resource and Business Process Improvement sector for over 25 years. Her career in a leading international bank included humanizing mergers and acquisitions, developing human resource and manpower systems, and creating leaders through transformational people initiatives. She became the Vice President of Leadership Development and Talent Management through her ability to innovate, adapt and take on challenges courageously.

In 2010, she took on her greatest challenge moving to Canada, her new home. With a rewarding experience as a MOSAIC client, the organization became her employer of choice and she made a decision to reinvent herself in the non-profit world as a way of paying it forward. Starting as a frontline worker, she used her wealth of experience, her newfound knowledge in Finance, and her passion to support her colleagues, to eventually become a Coordinator at the Employment Centre. Her drive for continuous learning and to improve the workplace led her to the position of Manager, Business Performance and Systems and now Senior Manager, Vancouver Northeast WorkBC and Business Performance.

Mei holds a Bachelor of Science (Hon.) in Microbiology from Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. As an immigrant who has lived the story, she wants to be a part of an organization that makes an impact on the lives of newcomers.

“Don't be afraid of change, because it is leading you to a new beginning” – Joyce Meyer