Social Enterprise for Good*

Social Enterprise for Good means directly investing in the advancement of an inclusive and thriving Canada. We are a collective whose goal is to build resilience in the communities that our clients, staff, partners, and families live and work in. All revenue generated by our social enterprises are utilized to support our many client-centred programs in making a difference where it matters most.

Services we provide

Interpretation & Translation Services

Get the language support you need to effectively reach a new audience, start a new project, and make inroads to bigger and better opportunities. With more than 30 years of solid experience, you will be working with professional and/or accredited/certified experts in the field. No requirements are the same and that is why you will get a service that is especially tailored to your needs when you work with us.

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Language Assessment

The ability to know what level of English you possess is important in order to access information and advance in Canada. Whether you are applying to study, work, immigrate, or integrate into an English-speaking environment, you want a test provided by a trusted assessor and that will meet your language needs. MOSAIC offers two prominent language assessments which are the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and CLBPT (Canadian Language Benchmark Placement Testing).

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Learning English

You are unique and so is your learning path, that is why we have built a flexible experience to fit your learning style and schedule. Our MOSAIC engage language classes are custom made to your specific language needs and learning speed. Pick up your Passport to English with us.

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Workplace Essentials Training

You know how hard it can be to find, and maintain employment in the Canadian workplace. Our MOSAIC engage Workplace Essentials program provides a dynamic mix of computer skills classes, essential skills classes and certified trainings to fill any gaps in your employment skills.

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Corporate Services
Centre for Diversity

You know the importance of having diversity in the workplace. Make your workplace thrive, go beyond diversity and become inclusive to gain the benefits that each culture brings.  We will give your team the tools to confidently navigate their diverse workplace and optimize those relationships.

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Group Assessment and Training Options

If you have a large group of clients or students who need training or assessment solutions, we can help you out. We can provide a dynamic and flexible package that conforms to your exact challenges.

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Customized Employment Services

Fostering a society that makes Immigrants and Newcomers feel welcomed and accepted into Canada is a skill that is needed in our diverse community. Understanding and connecting with Immigrants and Newcomers are where our expertise lies. We have taken our 35+ years of experience and dedicated that knowledge and passion to help organizations make a diverse and inclusive British Columbia.

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Ways to engage

Social Enterprise for Good is one of three ways that you, as an organization can engage with us. You can also connect with us through Employer Services or through Corporate Partnerships and Social Investments. We will help you achieve your goals so that you can focus on the many things that matter to your business.

Employer Services
Hire Right, Employment Initiatives, and Partnership

Social Enterprise for Good
Interpretation & Translation Services, Language Assessments, and Training

Corporate Partnerships and Social Investment
In-Kind Donations, Fundraising Events, and Community Champions

*Social Enterprise for Good, trademark pending