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Volunteers at MOSAIC serve in many ways including facilitating English Conversation Circles, teaching yoga or art, caring for young children, providing informal language support, assisting with office tasks, and supporting our many events. They work with seniors, families, women and job seekers and more. Volunteers are in our classrooms, offices, workshops and in the community.

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For more information about volunteer opportunities please contact us at volunteer@mosaicbc.org.
Q. What volunteer opportunities does MOSAIC offer?
A. We have a variety of roles for volunteers. Our volunteers assist with language instruction, tutor seniors learning computer skills, and help our special events and fundraisers to run smoothly. Some support staff with administrative tasks. Others offer one-on-one employment mentoring or community hosting. As a volunteer you might be working in a classroom, within the community, with seniors, or in our yearly tax clinic.

For an overview of the various roles at MOSAIC, please see Volunteer Roles at MOSAIC.

Q. Who can volunteer with MOSAIC programs?
A. MOSAIC is always ready to welcome bright, enthusiastic and reliable volunteers with a passion to give back to their community. Some volunteer roles are suitable for English language learners, but many require fluid English. Volunteers should be comfortable working with people from diverse cultural backgrounds and be 16 years of age or older.

Q. What can volunteers expect from MOSAIC?
A. Volunteers can expect a safe, welcoming and respectful working environment. All volunteers will be given an orientation to MOSAIC, and training tailored to their specific role. As a volunteer at MOSAIC you will meet new people, develop your cultural awareness and enjoy the personal satisfaction that comes from helping others. You may learn new skills, or gain experience which may assist you in your career or educational pursuits. Including volunteer experience in your resume may also help if you are seeking employment.

Q. What does MOSAIC expect from volunteers?

A. We ask that volunteers be helpful, cooperative, and act as positive MOSAIC ambassadors. We appreciate punctuality and ask that you notify us in the event that you’re unable to attend a volunteer session you’ve signed up for. You will be expected to uphold our commitment to respect and welcome people of diverse backgrounds and identities.

Because providing safe and confidential service to our clients is very important at MOSAIC, Criminal Record Checks are required for volunteer positions the deal with vulnerable members of the community, such as children or the elderly. MOSAIC will let you know if a check is required will provide you with the necessary letters, and reimburse you for the fee.

Q. How do I apply to be a volunteer?
A. Once you have an idea of what you would like to do with MOSAIC you can visit our website and follow the instructions. You will find specific applications for being a Social Mentor or a Career Mentor on our website. You will also find information about volunteering in our Language Centres.

Q. How much time will I give as a volunteer, and when?
A. Because each role at MOSAIC is unique, there is no one answer for this question. Some roles require daytime availability – generally for up to four hours each week. Other roles can be done in the evening or with some flexibility. Please consult Volunteer Roles at MOSAIC for more information, and feel free to ask staff when you meet.

We do hope you will enjoy your volunteer role, and continue to volunteer with us for at least six months in any given role.

Q. Is it possible to get a certificate or a reference letter from MOSAIC?
A. MOSAIC is happy to provide references to volunteers who complete a minimum number of 40 hours in one volunteer role. Several programs and projects offer certificates of completion.

Q. I am looking for an opportunity for a student practicum within MOSAIC. Is that possible?
A. MOSAIC does accept a limited number of student placements in accordance with our staff and office capacity. Please contact volunteers@mosaicbc.org for more information and to apply.

Q. If I volunteer with MOSAIC can I apply for jobs with MOSAIC?
A. Of course! Volunteers are definitely encouraged to respond to MOSAIC’s job postings. A number of our employees were once volunteers. Your work as a volunteer reflects your commitment to MOSAIC’s vision. Even so, supervisors hire the candidate who best suits the position. Being a volunteer is not a guarantee of being hired, or even interviewed.

Q. I want to work with immigrants. Do you have any advice or suggestions?
A. Many different professions work within settlement services; settlement workers, employment counsellors, language teachers, family support workers, legal advocates and community developers.

Volunteering with MOSAIC can certainly give you a small view into settlement services for immigrants. You can gain sensitivity for the challenges that immigrants face as they settle here, learn English, or look for work. Volunteering can also be an opportunity to learn about other cultures and to develop cross-cultural communication skills.

Q. How can I learn more about volunteering at MOSAIC?
A. Our website has much more information. We encourage you to explore it thoroughly. As well, you may contact our Volunteer Resources Coordinator at volunteers@mosaicbc.org.

Congrats Robert Bowes!

Robert Bowes, one of MOSAIC’s long-standing volunteers, has been named the Recipient of the Sovereign Medal for Volunteers by the Governor General of Canada. Read more!

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