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Workplace Connections

Just ‘one day’ of your life can transform the life of a new Canadian.

As a Career Mentor, you will spend up to 24 hours over three months mentoring a new immigrant as they prepare career success in Canada. Your knowledge of the local market and of Canadian workplace culture is invaluable to immigrant professions. You can help navigate the opportunities, and prepare your mentee to present themselves to employers.


  • Three years of local experience in any profession
  • Links to professional and business networks
  • An interest in other cultures
  • Great interpersonal skills

The time commitment is flexible and you can adapt to suit your schedule. All mentors receive training and ongoing support from program staff.

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For more information contact Astarte Sands at mentors@mosaicbc.org or 604 254 9626.
As a mentor, I have received far more than I have given! Taruna Goel, Mentor


Ricardo, a trained biologist and science teacher, moved to Canada from Brazil four months ago. He knew about our program thanks to settlement pre-arrival services.

Ricardo was looking for a job as a lab technician. He wanted to become a science teacher again but he lacked Canadian experience and didn’t know anything about the process to become a teacher in BC. Ricardo came to Workplace Connections looking for help and we matched him with a mentor named Lily, a Chemistry teacher.

Lily not only provided Ricardo with information and resources about the academia pathway but she also offered him an opportunity to volunteer as a lab aide at her school. Through volunteering, Ricardo learned lab protocols and built up his confidence in his technical and soft skills.

After a couple of months, a lab assistant opportunity came up. Ricardo applied and got the job!

Thanks to Lily, Ricardo is better prepared for his first job in Canada and now has a clearer idea of the steps to follow in his path to become a teacher.

Workplace Connections mentors provide meaningful experiences and they will go the extra mile for you!

Tai is an UX/UI designer who moved to Canada in 2017. She is a highly proactive, skilled individual. Her resume and communication skills were exceptional but she was aware of the cultural differences that might arise at the workplace.

Tai learned about MOSAIC and Workplace Connections through settlement pre-arrival services, thus, she came looking for a mentor after just 15 days in the country. During the matching process she landed a job — in her first two months in Vancouver!

We offered her an information session with an Information Architect. Her mentor gave her feedback to improve her resume, advised on organizations and schools where she could continue her education, shared thoughts about the work environment in their field and offered insights about specific situations.

Thanks to her mentor, Tai gained confidence and discovered that micromanaging is not a rule in Canada.

Workplace Connections mentors can help you not only with your job search but also to learn about your new environment once you get a job!

“My mentor experience has been going really well. I have a great mentee because she is so motivated to find the work she wants. I think the most challenging part has been watching her work so hard and still not find a job in her field but you warned me that might happen when I started. Overall, I have really enjoyed the experience and plan to continue with the program.”

“Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to work with such an amazing group. I felt so good at the end of the Working Session and even all day today because I felt the joy that the participants were exuding.”

Below: Listen to a podcast about a well-prepared immigrant who finds workplace success with the help of a MOSAIC mentor. From CBC Early Edition, November 2010.

This program is made available in part thanks to funding from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.