MOSAIC Volunteer Profile

Shruti Chamoli: “We are in this together!”

Shruti Chamoli is passionate about a lot of things. She is a woman who lives by her principles, including the value of community engagement. In Canada she has found many opportunities to contribute and create cohesive communities.

When Shruti first immigrated in 2013, she was really impressed by the range of services offered by MOSAIC and by the personal care she received. When we approached her with the opportunity to give back as a Career Mentor, Shruti did not hesitate to accept. She was happy to become a Mentor and give back to the organization that had provided her the  guidance, expertise and support through warm and welcoming counsellors at that time.

Shruti’s approach to mentoring is much like her approach to all things – based in project management practices, completely planned and with 100% commitment. For Shruti, clear communication, goals and objectives, pave the way to accomplishment.

She knows that Career mentorship can assist today’s skilled immigrants to settle swiftly and integrate deeply with the Canadian cultural mosaic that is quite unique in the world This she feels, is to everyone’s benefit, as these well-settled immigrants can quickly and happily begin to contribute- helping to build a richer community life for all.

When asked what advice she would give to new Mentors, Shruti says, “You need to help your mentees be positive and driven towards the mentorship opportunity and become more receptive. This will create a happy medium where they are ready to inherit the knowledge you want to share.” Also mentorship adds value to the mentors too, inspires and motivates us in many ways. “It’s quite a win-win!”

For mentees, she advises, “Be ready to listen deeply, to be open to new information, and connections – as they say there is 6 degrees of separation between each of us. Appreciate that people are willing to spend their time with you. Be curious; ‘enough is never enough’ when it comes to learning new things!”

Shruti lives her values in her work as well.  As an HR professional, not only does she advocate for diversity and inclusion, but she also volunteers in workplace endeavors to create wholesome communities. She is proud of her efforts as a United Way campaigner, with Truth and Reconciliation initiatives, and in championing diversity of experiences, ideas, cultures and perspectives.

Mentors like Shruti are invaluable to Workplace Connections Mentoring Program.

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Volunteers at MOSAIC serve in many ways including facilitating English Conversation Circles, teaching yoga or art, caring for young children, providing informal language support, assisting with office tasks, and supporting our many events. To learn more, please visit