Spotlight: Andrea Montgomery Di Marco — Human Rights Award

Never has the world needed more compassion than today, and Andrea Montgomery Di Marco is at the forefront of building compassionate communities and advocating for those who need help.

MOSAIC was honoured to present Andrea with the Human Rights Award during the 2022 MOSAIC Awards Ceremony, held June 9, 2022.

Andrea is much deserving of this award, which is given to someone who has made a significant contribution to human rights and ethnic relations or humanitarianism. Through Andrea’s volunteer efforts with MOSAIC and as the Founder of the Flourishing Foundation, she provides a voice and advocates for refugee-immigrants, immigrants, and indigenous women in Canada every day.

She believes that by providing language support and personal care to vulnerable groups within immigrant communities, individuals can better overcome barriers and challenges and plant roots in their new homelands with confidence and resilience.

“The first time I was introduced to Margaret Mead’s infamous quote – ‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has’ – I knew I aligned completely with that guiding principle,” she says.

Volunteering at MOSAIC

Andrea has been an active volunteer within the MOSAIC community and the community at large for many years. She is an active volunteer and leader for the MOSAIC seniors’ program, including leading the Multicultural Senior Choir, and she provides mentorship and connection for seniors in our community.

Andrea’s support has transformed the choir into a catalyst of change, fostering a positive environment for seniors to develop leadership, and empowering them through active community engagement.  “I am continually in awe of the courage, resilience, compassion, and warmth I witness between our seniors.”

Andrea has also been a valuable member of MOSAIC’s language support team as a volunteer ESL and IELTS instructor working with newcomer women. She volunteered for many years teaching English at the Newcomer Centre for moms with children under five, and teaching English classes to seniors.

The Flourishing Foundation

Andrea is a founder and current board member for the Flourishing Foundation, a grassroots initiative supporting education, entrepreneurship, and family reunification for refugee-immigrant and Indigenous women.

Education is also high on her personal and professional values. Andrea teaches anti-racism and decolonization courses focusing on Canada’s colonial history and ongoing systemic racism and marginalization of Indigenous and Black individuals and communities. Andrea delivered seven Indigenous Awareness workshops to MOSAIC staff and clients in 2021.

She has also reunited refugee-immigrant families in Canada through a private sponsorship program. With the backing of the Flourishing Foundation, Andrea has helped more than four refugee families get sponsored and reunite with family members in Canada, and her Foundation has 20 further sponsorship applications ongoing.

“I have always believed that if I do not stand up or speak up, who will? What happens to each of us, happens to all of us. Our inter-connection cannot be ignored or dismissed. We are all in this together.”

Those in the MOSAIC community describe Andrea as a motivational and inspirational woman making waves of change in the community. Through her efforts, women are finding their voice and getting the support they need to settle in Canada.

“It is terrible to be recognized for standing up for human rights when it should be the most obvious and automatic human response to another’s suffering. That said, I deeply value MOSAIC and the work they do in the world and am honoured by this very generous gesture.”

Thank you, Andrea, for your passionate dedication to helping others. Congratulations as the recipient of the MOSAIC Human Rights Award 2022.

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