Fast Track to Manufacturing

Who wouldn’t want a free path to employment?

By Kate Liu, Fast Track to Manufacturing Coordinator

Imagine this win-win — a free career training program that also pays participants while studying!

If this sounds enticing, then consider applying for the Fast Track to Manufacturing program. The next online training starts the first week of June, and we still have space for more participants.

Fast Track to Manufacturing (F2M) originated from the need for creating accessible, rewarding and rapidly growing careers in the manufacturing field for young newcomers.

This program allows young adults (18-29 years old) who are experiencing unemployment or underemployment to explore opportunities in areas like production work, warehouses, customer service, sales and office administration, and career planning.

Not only does our partnership with Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters allow participants to gain access to over 2,500 leading employers in the sector for future job placements, but participants also receive transportation assistance, $900 for attending the six-week training, and WHIMIS & First Aid training.

Some newcomers can be hesitant about taking part in the program because of their English skills, but we have a classroom assistant to provide language support to complete training and certificate exams.

One of our previous participants, Sabrina, told us she hesitated to take her job interview because of her lack of confidence in English. Our program’s staff encouraged her to go ahead with the interview to gain experiences and explore the opportunities.

“I was not confident and [was] nervous when I started working, but with all the support I got from the program and my supervisor at work, I have gained confidence.” – Sabrina, F2M

One of the biggest barriers that participants face in maintaining jobs is their lack of clear career direction. Our program uses Individualized Career Action Plans to break down this barrier and create personal goal planning that helps map out steps for future careers.

Iriel — one of our previous participants — recognized the importance to follow his career plan, and has now been able to increase his wage significantly at the position he was matched with through the program.

“I wish that I knew the program earlier, so I could be able to start building my career sooner! All the information I received from the program [was] very helpful and useful.” – Iriel, F2M

You can read more about the success stories from previous F2M participants here:

If you’re interested in joining the program – one starts in June and another in October — please contact us at 604-351-9665 or email For more information about the program visit: