The 3 Guiding Principles of MOSAIC engage’s Online English Classes

By Matthew Levan, Business Manager, MOSAIC engage

As we physically distance to keep up the fight against COVID-19, we believe that it is more important than ever to find ways to continue to learn and connect with each other. That is why we have created MOSAIC engage English Online — a safe, welcoming space for people to make friends and learn English.

We have brought our 40 years of experience teaching English to set up an online learning community with three guiding principles:

  1. Easy To Use
  2. Fun To Use
  3. Collaborative To Use

Easy to use

We know that online learning is new for many, so we want to make sure that getting started is as easy and intuitive as possible.  How do we do this?

  • First, our MOODLE learning platform can be easily accessed on any kind of electronic device! MOSAIC engage English Online works just as well on your phone (Android or Apple), tablet, laptop, or desktop computer!
  • Second, we make sure that entering your online classroom is as easy as possible.  From the logon screen to your live video classroom is three easy clicks! Here’s how:

  • Third, ZOOM our live classroom software is easy and fun to use.  No clicks, or complicated menus, and no difficult computer settings. Just enter the classroom and get started having interesting and dynamic conversations.  

Fun to use

As with all our programs, we want to make sure that online learning is interactive, interesting and most of all fun!  How do we do this? 

  • First, we design weekly challenging and interesting quizzes in which you can compete with your classmates to see who is the grammar master!
  • Second, our ZOOM classroom has interactive whiteboards and the ability to share your screen with classmates.  On these features, both students and the teacher can take notes and write answers just like a whiteboard in a real classroom!

  • Third, on the MOODLE we have created a ton of fun, interactive activities for students from beginner level all the way to upper advanced. 

Collaborative to use

We firmly believe that language is best learned in a warm, welcoming and supportive community.  So, we have designed our learning platform to ensure that there are lots of opportunities for you to interact and collaborate with your classmates.

  • First, in our ZOOM software we can create private meeting rooms so that you can have conversations in pairs or small groups.  Need help from the teacher? Write HELP in the chat bar and the teacher can join your virtual room to give you the support you need!

  • Second, we have used MOSAIC’s many volunteers to host conversation circles for each level.  These circles are designed to be fun, informative, and welcoming for students of all language abilities (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced). 

  • Third, we have included forums where you can interact with your classmates and ask questions of your teacher. As well we have made an idiom and proverb dictionary where both teachers and students can make entries.

With these three principles in mind — easy to use, fun to use, and collaborative to use — we will continue to build a welcoming, online learning community. 

We want to ensure that the registration process is:

  • Simple: All online classes have a simple fee of $199/month (US $105 or EUR $95).
  • Convenient: Missed the start date of the class?  No problem.  Sign up anytime with discounted prices!  
  • Easy: Our online registration takes 5 minutes! Need more info? Schedule an appointment with a student advisor. 
  • Flexible: Not sure online learning is for you? Try a 1-day free trial.

To register or find out more information, check out our MOSAIC engage English online page.

For those of you who have been part of our community for a long time, we say thank you for contributing so much to our MOSAIC engage community. For those of you who are just joining our community in these difficult times, we say welcome, and we look forward to learning with you!