Program Expanded with New Family Law Advocate

MOSAIC’s new Family Law Advocate chose Canada as her new home because of its multicultural society and the fact that diverse cultures are celebrated here.

Negin Saberi, who has a Masters of Law (LL.M) degree from the UK, had been working in the field of international commercial law in her home country of Iran prior to her 2016 arrival in Canada. As she wanted to continue practicing law in Canada, she obtained a second LL.M from UBC’s Peter Allard School of Law, which offers foundational training in Canadian common law for foreign-trained lawyers.

Negin is enjoying the diversity represented by staff at MOSAIC and her new role with the organization. “I am thrilled about the opportunity to be part of the legal advocacy team at MOSAIC. As a family law advocate, I am proud to help immigrants and vulnerable people coping with their family law issues.

Negin’s role signifies an expansion to MOSAIC’s Legal Advocacy Program, which also provides support in the areas of poverty law through advocate Miriam Jurigová, J.D. and Benjamin Low-Beer, J.D., who also specializes in immigration law.

MOSAIC’s Legal Advocacy Program provides information, summary advice, referrals and legal representation to low-income immigrants and refugees. It helps newcomers navigate the Canadian legal system, ensuring that they are informed of their legal rights and responsibilities with expertise in the areas of Family Law, Immigration Law Support and Poverty Law. To learn more, please visit