Family Centre Spotlight: Your impact during the MOSAIC for Good campaign

By Berenice Chumacero, Executive Assistant

MOSAIC’s employees and volunteers are uniting this November to support newcomer youth, seniors, and families in the MOSAIC for Good giving campaign.

The Family Centre is one of the critical programs where you can direct your donations. For Ruqia, a refugee from Afghanistan, the Centre has been like a second home for her and her three young children. Watch the video of Ruqia below, as she speaks about her experiences at the Family Centre.

The Family Centre is a place where refugee families with young children can feel safe and welcome. Clients of the Centre learn about early childhood development and health issues. The Preschool Orientation Program prepares children to enter the Canadian school system as well.

Ruqia’s son was feeling alone at home because his big sister was in school and they don’t have family here. She credits the preschool orientation program with her son’s newfound confidence and success in school.

Ruqia, a refugee from Afghanistan, has found a second home at the MOSAIC Family Centre.

“My son before couldn’t even say hi but then when he came here, he became very friendly with everybody and after that, he could talk. He could feel free to talk with everybody. When he went to kindergarten, I didn’t have any problems with him.”

This and other services that the Family Centre provides are more important than ever during the pandemic. Many of the refugee families have lost employment or work hours. Some of these families must make difficult spending decisions between food, rent, and transportation to and from work. For them, support from the Family Centre can mean that they can have all three.

The Family Centre helps the families apply for Employment Insurance, rental subsidy, and other forms of government assistance. They also provide information on how the families can protect themselves and their communities from contracting and spreading the virus.

During the pandemic, many newcomers are relying on the Family Centre’s new Food Hub program. Each week, around 38 families receive essential groceries. In addition, the Virtual Teaching Kitchen teaches them how to cook nutritious, healthy dishes using items from the Food Hub.

Zelly Teferra, Manager of the Family Centre said, “These families had food security issues even before COVID but during the pandemic, we were able to provide pantry food for our families here at the Centre.”

Today Ruqia is taking part in online activities every day, including practicing English. Ruqia said, “Thank you to your informative programs, excellent social services, and staff welcoming manner that all empower my family to settle and integrate to our new home smoothly.”

The difference your donation can make:

  • $500 – feeds a family for a month
  • $250 – provides 50 healthy school lunches
  • $100 – provides a week of essential food items for a family
  • $50 – provides a baby with diapers for 3 weeks

With the funds raised through the MOSAIC for Good Campaign, you can help the Family Centre continue to support refugee families like Ruqia’s. Please give generously.