Edgewater Casino Impressed by Talent Pool at MOSAIC Hiring Fair

It was an eventful, not-so-typical, Monday afternoon at MOSAIC’s Headquarters on July 20, as applicants – all 115 of them – lined up for the Edgewater Casino Hiring Fair. What was originally scheduled for 1 pm to 4 pm was extended to  5:30 as more applicants kept showing up to register.The casino recruitment team headed by Jasmine Marchant, Director of Human Resources, and Milagros Chu, Human Resources Coordinator, saw to it that every single applicant had an opportunity for an in-person interview.Prior to the interviews, candidates were divided into two groups, and each group was treated to an interactive presentation which showcased Edgewater Casino’s opportunities and benefits, and the many facets of their diverse and inclusive “Where Winners Work” workplace culture.Jasmine sent this message after the fair, “I was amazed at the number of attendees and impressed with the talent pool. We met so many great candidates… we are excited to potentially hire many of them. We are putting together a spreadsheet with the list of 100++ of candidates and will let you know who is successful.”The team is currently working on the list and are in the middle of conducting follow-up interviews. MOSAIC is looking forward to hearing news about the successful hires in the next few weeks.If you’d like to be notified about MOSAIC’s hiring events, you can join our email list by emailing