Fundraising lunch for Seniors Club exceeds target

MOSAIC Seniors Club, in collaboration with Global Women Seeking Change Group, organized a fundraising luncheon on December 13 at MOSAIC Head Office. The event included a 10-item buffet style lunch featuring dishes from Eritrea, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Syria and Tajikistan. It was followed by entertainment from the seniors at MOSAIC Seniors Club.

Over 100 seniors and staff members attended the event and $1180 was raised, which included donations and proceeds from the silent auction.

The luncheon was hosted by the Global Women Seeking Change Group, a participatory action group that was founded in March 2018 by Andrea Montgomery Di Marco as part of her doctoral research. The group is composed of women from Eritrea, Ethiopia, Syria, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Canada who share a common bond through motherhood, and arriving in Canada as refugees. Through resiliency, hope, and a deep desire to work together for change, they seek to flourish individually and to build thriving communities.

Daisy Au, who coordinated the event on the MOSAIC end, said “We are very appreciative of Andrea and the Global Women Seeking Change Group, who provided all the food for the sold-out event. It was the first time many of the guests ate food from African regions and everyone enjoyed it greatly. It’s wonderful to see this newcomer group come together as a community and inspiring that they are able to support our seniors group. We hope to work with the group, or individuals from the group again.”

The funds raised will go to the MOSAIC Seniors Club, and one of their projects was to enable a group of senior African women living in relative isolation in Burnaby know more about MOSAIC Seniors Club, its programs and resources, and to have them experience a field trip to Victoria and meet some of the seniors in their community.

Entertainment at the event included a cheongsam fashion show, magic performance, Mongolian dance, Farsi women group singing, soprano solo, and musical performances including keyboard, trapezoidal yangqin, guitar and violin.

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