Local Business Provides Refugee Support by Fundraising and Working with MOSAIC

Xenon Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Nasdaq: XENE) has announced that it will make a donation of $3,500 to MOSAIC and plans to provide employment for skilled refugees. The Burnaby-based biotechnology company’s efforts will go towards much needed support to the Syrian refugees who are on their way to B.C.Employees of Xenon were able to raise a portion of the funds, the rest of which was topped up by the company. This is not the first time the business has contributed to MOSAIC, as Xenon has sponsored the organization’s annual Festival MOSAIC fundraiser for the past several years.“We appreciate their continued support of our organization and what we stand for,” said MOSAIC Executive Director Eyob Naizghi.In addition to its donation, Xenon intends to play a more long-term role in the support of refugees. The business will work directly with MOSAIC to identify and get in touch with newcomers who have science, medical or laboratory degrees or experience. The goal is to offer employment opportunities to refugees who have the necessary training and skills to work at the bio-pharmaceutical company.“We would be privileged to provide support to families in need through gainful employment,” said Xenon President and CEO, Dr. Simon Pimstone. “I believe this would be an ideal way to help families best integrate into the local community. We would love to see other lifesciences and healthcare companies join us in this initiative.”Pimstone hopes the call to action will help garner support for MOSAIC and the settlement of refugee families in general.“At Xenon, we care about being socially responsible and our company is a mosaic of people from all corners of the globe,” said Pimstone. “Since the MOSAIC organization helps newcomers [integrate into] the community, we wanted to show our support in any way possible and encourage other businesses to get involved as well.”If you are an employer looking to hire immigrants and refugees please email