101 Day of Action

MOSAIC joins pledge for 101 Days of Action against Discrimination


Eyob Naizghi, MOSAIC Executive Director, signed the pledge on behalf of MOSAIC.

To mark UN International Human Rights Day, December 10th, MOSAIC has joined Mayor Gregor Robertson and other community leaders in signing a pledge for 101 Days of Action against Discrimination and with it is calling on all Vancouverites to stand up against discrimination.

At the signing ceremony, Eyob Naizghi, MOSAIC’s Executive Director, said “The commemoration of the historic ‘Human Rights Day’ every year is a one day event, but the vigilance it takes to maintain the equality of rights of all is a year round engagement, a ‘welcoming community’ and inclusive place for all. Considering the global political wind presently blowing, a wind of fear and divisiveness, we will need more of us to pull hands to mobilize our communities for trust, cohesion, and unity, and make Vancouver a champion city for others.”

MOSAIC encourages everyone to join the 101 Days of Action against Discrimination. To sign the pledge, please visit 101days.ca.