MOSAIC named Living Wage Employer

MOSAIC has officially been certified as a Living Wage Employer by Living Wage for Families BC.

The designation means that all direct and contract staff at MOSAIC are officially paid a living wage for the Metro Vancouver region. Beyond the minimum wage set by the provincial government, a living wage takes into account the hourly amount that a family needs to cover basic expenses including food, clothing, rental housing, childcare, and transportation.

“Becoming a Living Wage Employer is a crucial aspect of advancing equity and inclusion within our organization, and I am proud that we are able to offer this to our staff and contractors,” said Wa’el Hussein, Senior Manager of Human Resources.

In addition to offering staff and contractors a living wage, MOSAIC will also actively encourage other employers to do the same, including partners organizations.

“We believe and advocate for all employers to pay a living age, and understand how important it is for our local communities,” said Olga Stachova, Chief Executive Officer.

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