Campaign launched to sustain MOSAIC Family Centre

MOSAIC has launched a special, year-end campaign to help sustain its Family Centre – a critical gathering place for refugees with young children.

Now in its 10th year of service, the Family Centre provides health, education and language programs for children and parents, as well as food and snacks. The Centre also provides one year of assisting each refugee family with their integration into Canadian society.

MOSAIC needs your support to help sustain the Family Centre’s critical programs.

  • $500 – feeds a family for a month
  • $250 – provides 50 healthy school lunches
  • $100 – provides a week of essential food items for a family
  • $50 – provides a baby with diapers for 3 weeks

More information on the Family Centre.

To donate now, click here.

MOSAIC’s Family Centre has information and programs on parenting and childhood development. We also help our clients find meaningful volunteer opportunities in the community, as well provide outreach services in the community to help families navigate and locate other supports. Learn more here.