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Safety Plans for Gradual Reopening of MOSAIC Sites

MOSAIC’s COVID-19 Response Team and the Health, Safety, and Security Team have developed specific protocols for a COVID-19 Organizational Safety Plan that will prepare for the eventual and gradual reopening of sites -- with strict procedures to ensure safety of staff and clients.

Each site manager, with input from front-line workers who are representative of the work done at the site, will also develop a Site-Specific COVID-19 Safety Plan, building on the organizational plan and addressing risks specific to the site and its operations.

Priority is being placed on MOSAIC services for which remote delivery is not as effective in meeting client needs.

Protocols and plans will be revised as necessary.

As required by the Provincial Health Officer, the organizational plans are being made public: Organizational COVID-19 Safety Plan (PDF Download).

November 20th, 2020 Update: In response to the new mandates by BC's Healthcare officials, MOSAIC's COVID-19 Response Team and the Health, Safety, and Security Team have developed an Addendum to the Organizational COVID-19 Safety Plan (PDF Download)

MOSAIC is an acronym for Multi-lingual Orientation Service Association for Immigrant Communities. With over 40 programs, MOSAIC provides employment services, family services, language instruction, legal information, settlement services, and victim and family violence services from multiple sites in Metro Vancouver. MOSAIC also operates the WorkBC Centres in various locations, as well as MOSAIC Translations and Interpretations Services. To learn more, please visit mosaicbc.org/about.