Officially-Funded Employment Program

MOSAIC was the first immigrant-serving organization in Western Canada to formally launch an officially- funded employment program.

The MOSAIC Immigrant Youth Job Corps Program (developed in conjunction with, and funded by Canada Employment) helped to establish the organization’s Employment Programs division, which then incorporated the Employment Orientation and Job Placement program, as well as the Bilingual Employment Orientation for Immigrant Women later that same year. Today, MOSAIC is the largest immigrant-serving organization provider of employment services in British Columbia.

MOSAIC once again pioneered services in the immigrant-serving sector by developing a program to serve recently-arrived families from Latin America, many of whom had fled from oppressive regimes.

The program was a precursor to later family support programs and included pre-natal classes; employment orientation; and assistance with topics such as housing, health, immigration and education. In 2000, Children and Family Programs was established as a cluster and today includes the Community Action Program for Children; Building Blocks Vancouver; and the Newcomers’ Centre for Children & Families.