First Violence Prevention Program

MOSAIC launches its first violence prevention program funded by the Canadian government. The “Assaultive Husbands Program” addressed domestic violence and provided a treatment program for men who used violence in their intimate relationships.

This was followed over the next decade by counselling, support and outreach programs for women, multicultural victim services, youth programs and research-based projects addressing issues impacting immigrant women, men and their families.

The Community Interpretation Service Department is established when interpretation services transitions from a volunteer service to fee-for-service. Workshops addressing legal and medical interpretations were developed as were recruitment workshops that focused on the role of the interpreter, issues of confidentiality and impartiality, professional conduct and ethical behaviour. The use of correct terminology and developing good resource skills was also explored. Advocacy efforts related to employing interpreters to allow for equal access to services and better and/or new training opportunities for interpreters also becomes a focus.

Today, Interpretation and Translation Services is a leading provider of interpretation and translation services in British Columbia, and works with highly-trained, certified, and/or accredited language specialists fluent in 70 languages.