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Forced marriages are a form of violence.

Enhancing Community Capacity to Respond to and Prevent Forced Marriages

This project was a Department of Justice Canada funded initiative. In partnership with EVA BC, MOSAIC has led the initiative to increase awareness of the issue of forced marriage in the community and enhance the capacity of service to individuals facing situations of forced marriage. A forced marriage is a marriage which takes place without the free consent of the individuals getting married, where pressure or abuse is used to ‘force’ one or both people to marry against their will.

The findings from our literature review, online survey, key informant interviews and focus groups were used to inform the development of a risk assessment framework. Ultimately, MOSAIC and EVA BC contribute to new and innovative approaches to thinking about and responding to violence against women with the provision of this risk assessment framework. It will assist service providers in dealing with cases of forced marriage, facilitate open discussion with different stakeholders, including men and women, and raise awareness of the issue in the community.

Visit the project website here:

In addition to presenting our risk assessment framework for service providers, the website provides information on support services and protective practices (i.e. safety planning and going abroad) to assist in empowering those who may be facing forced marriage.

Forced Marriage Website
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This campaign was made possible by funding from the Department of Justice.