Relationship Violence Prevention Program

Update July 2020

MOSAIC becomes one of 13 organizations to get provincial funding for community work around anti-hate and anti-racism as part of Resilience BC services.

Best Practices for Inclusion & Diversity

A Collaborative Approach to Combatting Discrimination

On March 23, 2018, Surrey OARH invited local community partners to understand challenges of discrimination in their surroundings, empower communities to develop a response, and join the network to support inclusion. Read more.

About this network

The Surrey Organizing against Racism and Hate (OARH) Network is one of 33 across B.C. funded through the Ministry of International Trade (and responsible for Asia Pacific Strategy and Multiculturalism). This program employs the Critical Incident Response Model (CIRM) approach, which is a process to assist communities to collaboratively respond to racism and hate activities. It began its work in January 2017.

Every OARH develops a procedural document called a protocol that can be used across the community to support organizations (and sometimes individuals) to respond to racism and hate locally. (e.g. what should you do if someone reports to you that they have experienced a hate crime). Every protocol is different because every local area is responding to a different set of circumstances and readiness in relation to responding to racism and hate. Membership of the Surrey OARH Network is open to any interested organization (profit or non-profit) that would like to contribute to the protocol and make a commitment to responding to racism and hate in Surrey.

Once a protocol is developed the OARH is responsible for regularly reviewing it as well as engaging in activities to promote and disseminate the protocol and develop the community’s capacity to use it, in accordance with local issues and trends.

Why MOSAIC decided to take a lead

One of MOSAIC’s strategic directions (PDF download) is to “Actively engage key stakeholders, policy makers, employers and the public to shape public opinion, policy and practice towards a just and inclusive society”. We do this by engaging in advocacy, community building and systemic change by strategically leading or participating in community coalitions. The issue of discrimination, racism and hate can become a barrier to successful integration for newcomers settling in Canada.

MOSAIC’s role in leading the Surrey OARH Network is to provide a “backbone” for the work that is non-directive including the provision of relevant data and other forms of technical support that can facilitate the Network to do its best thinking in relation to an anti-racism and hate protocol for Surrey as well as providing relevant frameworks/approaches to support Network members to develop a common agenda for the work.

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