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MOSAIC previously provided Customized Employment Services for newcomers to Canada under the umbrella of the Employment Program of British Columbia. For more information, please contact us at 604 254 0244 or via email:

Our Approach

Our approach to Customized Employment Services included individualized assessment of the newcomer client’s strengths, needs and interests compiled through a discovery process, and the development of a customized employment profile to identify best-match scenarios between work environments, supports, client interests, and work tasks.

Counselling Newcomers

In counselling newcomers to Canada we:

  • Practice appropriate and sensitive skills in client engagement.
  • Employ counselling strategies that are relevant to clients’ needs, preferences, skills, and goals.
  • Acknowledge the life experiences of clients.
  • Consider the cultural values of clients.
  • Utilize the services of in-house interpreters and translators as required.
  • Assist with the evaluation of international credentials.
  • Liaise with employers on behalf of clients.
  • Arrange and conduct interviews as well as negotiating and finalizing the terms of employment.

Working with Employers

In working with employers we:

  • Ensure that employers are familiarized with CE services and identify opportunities for collaboration.
  • Develop partnerships that are beneficial to employers, and that provide opportunities for client placement.
  • Negotiate customized positions with employers by creating new jobs, or customizing existing jobs that are specific to clients’ needs, skills, abilities and competencies.
  • Provide ongoing support and communication between employers and employees (clients) to ensure a successful placement.