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Employer Relations

We offer free services, resources and expertise to assist with all of your staffing needs!

From our free job posting service to staff whose primary focus is ensuring that your hiring needs are met; we are committed to building connections between job seekers and employers ensuring mutually beneficial and long-term employment.

Our Approach

Our aim is to build effective relationships with a view to providing an integrated and consistent approach to engagement with employers with MOSAIC as a partner of choice for recruitment and employment services.

Our Staff

Our Employer Relationship Specialists and Job Developers provide a single point of contact for everything related to your hiring needs. With access to a pool of qualified candidates, we are able to provide customized services to you while supporting the needs of our clients.

Our staff oversee everything from helping you to organize hiring events, to identifying suitable candidates, arranging interviews and providing post-employment support to ensure employees succeed in their careers.

They can also help you to access free government-funded incentives to help cut the costs of hiring and on-boarding new employees.

Contact Us

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Our Services

Employer Recognition Awards

The annual MOSAIC Employer Recognition Award is presented to an employer for leadership and commitment in providing a workplace that supports the principles of multiculturalism and equity by:

  • Having a diverse, multicultural staff
  • Providing a work environment that acknowledges and works with immigrants and refugees with language barriers
  • Supports immigrants’ and refugees’ assimilation into the Canadian workforce by providing opportunities such as work placements, job shadowing, information interviewing, volunteering, and employment

For list of 1997-2019 recipients click here

Additional Services

Intercultural, Diversity & Inclusion Training
MOSAIC’s Intercultural and Diversity & Inclusion Training is a structured approach to building awareness and understanding of different cultural behaviours. It helps your business or organization create an environment where people of diverse cultures and backgrounds work together more easily and effectively.
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Workplace Advantage
In a workplace that increasingly relies on multi-mode communication and an ability to fit into the workplace culture, many employees whose first language is not English face challenges in a professional Canadian context.

MOSAIC provides customized professional English language training using an effective combination of on-site and in-class formats. 
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