About this program

The Immigrant Women’s Employment Readiness Connections (IWERC) Program is specifically designed to assist eligible women with backgrounds in the administrative, financial, and business sectors through:

  • Free pre-employment skills training
  • Employment assistance customized to each individual
  • Intercultural competency training to better understand cultural viewpoints
  • Intensive job-development coaching

How does it work?

Participating women will first gain understanding about Canadian workplace culture, and then work in “innovation teams” to solve real-life employer problems by drawing on their own technical and professional backgrounds, skills and knowledge.

You also have the opportunity to gain professional Canadian work experience in your relevant sector.

Applications closed

Seats available until positions filled.

You qualify for the program if you:

  • Identify as a woman
  • Have lived in Canada for 7 years or less
  • Permanent Resident or Canadian Citizen
  • Be qualified to work in Administrative, Financial, and/or Business Management positions with relevant licensure for target job
  • Have completed a Bachelor’s degree or higher in the above sectors
  • Have English CLB Level 7 and above
  • Are unemployed or underemployed
Graduates from the Immigrant Women’s Employment Readiness Connections Program can expect the following outcome:

  • Learn about Canadian workplace culture
  • Enhanced skills training
  • Broaden professional network
  • Greater understanding of Canadian labour market
  • Increased confidence in Canadian workplace

Employer Information

We match employers with internationally-trained, professional women with backgrounds in Administration, Finance, or Business through a subsidized internship. Up to 50% of the employee’s salary will be supported by the federal government.

In today’s competitive environment, good staff can make a difference in the company’s bottom line. But we hear from many employers that it can be challenging to recruit qualified, reliable, and hardworking individuals.

The Immigrant Women’s Employment Readiness Connections (IWERC) Program can be an ideal solution if you’re looking for staff in the areas of Administration, Finance and/or Business.

MOSAIC works with qualified women who already have international training and education in these sectors, and who are fluent in English (CLB 7). The program participants will:

  • Learn about Canadian workplace culture
  • Work in “innovation teams” to resolve employers’ real-life problems by drawing on their own background skills, training, and expertise
  • Develop skills through pre-employment workshops
IWERC benefits:

  • Gain highly skilled employees
  • Diversify the workplace to reflect changing global trends
  • Free intercultural competency training (understanding dynamics of foreign cultures)
  • Work collaboratively with candidates to utilize innovative thinking processes to solve real-life problems
  • Limited opportunities for up to 50% wage subsidy.

Immigrants don’t just bring skills when they come to Canada. They bring:

  • Access to the international market. New customers, new products, new services!
  • International connections
  • Fresh and innovative perspectives
  • Cultural know-how to increase success with cross-cultural ventures
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Internationally-trained, professional women can face more challenges than other newcomers in finding rewarding and fulfilling work that matches the education and experience levels they bring with them to Canada.

Newcomers often don’t have a professional network to provide job leads and support. They are challenged by a lack of Canadian work experience and a limited understanding of the jobs available in the labour market.

If you are interested in IWERC, or have any questions, please contact us at 604-254-9626 or iwerc@mosaicbc.org.

 Funding provided by the Government of Canada’s Foreign Credential Recognition Program