Alisa, Business Trainer from Russia

I have landed in December 2017. I have a Master’s in Computer Science. For the last seven years, I worked in corporate trainings, mostly as a Business Trainer and Coach. I liked my job, but it is really hard to find a job in this narrow field even in Russia, and I had no chance to become a corporate trainer in a foreign country. That made me to decide to look for another career path that combines both, my education and experience.

When I was preparing for moving to Canada, I completed tons of online courses: professional, soft-skills, job-related, language. Suddenly, I realized what I liked in all those courses: the process of e-Learning itself! My current position is an Instructional Designer, and that’s exactly what I was looking for. I’m making corporate e-Learning in one of the biggest companies in Canada.

It took me one month to find a first, temporary job. It’s really fast, and everyone I know says I’m lucky. I can’t argue with that, I feel like the luckiest person on Earth, but was it just luck that brought me where I am? Before getting my first interview I sent over 50 resumes. Over 70 when I got a job offer. Each resume was customized for the position I applied to, each cover letter was very well written. I always had my phone charged; pen and notepaper were always in my bag.

If I didn’t know how to write a resume, what to expect from the interview, I would still have my 70 resumes written, but I can only imagine, how long it would take to write the one that works, without knowing, what is expected. And how depressing it could be to send dozens of letters without getting any response.

SOPA prepared me to structure the process, to make everything in the most efficient way, but the most important, it empowered me and prepared to just do the right things and wait patiently.

Don’t underestimate the power of knowledge. Don’t be afraid. Don’t give up. Take every opportunity to learn, to work, to meet new people. It can be challenging, it can be hard, it can be awkward, but in the end you just one of many. You may not be the most skilled or most experienced worker in the world. But you are certainly the best candidate for a position and a company that you just need to find.

Of course, I could find all of the information on the Internet. Resume templates and mock interviews are available in thousands of resources. But in SOPA I felt that someone cares about me. That I can ask any question and get a response, I can make a mistake and learn from it. I learned from people – not machines.

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