Luciano, Mechanical Engineer from Croatia

I am Luciano Garic a Mechanical engineer from the Slavonski Brod, Croatia. I have Master of Mechanical Engineering and was passionate to pursue the same career in Canada. I found out about Settlement On-line Pre-arrival (SOPA) from the MOSAIC website and after a quick research of the five courses offered, I decided to take the Soft skills: Professional Communication course which is a great way to start and get prepared for my new life in Canada.

I went through each unit and became stronger and more motivated to complete the program, I found each unit was unique and very important in starting conversation and fitting into the Canadian Working Culture, in addition I recognized that the presentations, constructive feedback, meetings and without the small talk component I would have been lost, this course offered me so much and made my transition to my new life in Canada a lot easier.

When I started this course, I didn’t have sufficient knowledge about Canadian workplace culture and how to properly communicate at work in Canadian way. The Small talk had given me the chance to learn the “Canadian way” in regards to the use of language in the work environment. Also it gives me the chance to research appropriate topics for small talks, getting to know the differences between the subtle and direct ways of conversation to avoid inappropriate topics which it makes a big difference in the outlook of a conversation. I express my pleasure when I met my facilitator Ms. Soraya Etminan, her words of encouragement and attention were uplifting to me. More so, she has helped me to get more connected to Canadian workplace environment.

I am delighted to share that within the first 2 months of arrival I had three job offers and have accepted a position at Morrison Hershfield working as a CAD Designer. I finally reunite with my family, made my dreams come true and looking forward to a bright future for my family in my new home.

I must admit I spent some great time learning and growing through the course.
I was honored to receive so much useful information.

Click here to learn more about SOPA.

MOSAIC is offering this settlement online pre-arrival program in partnership with the Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia for newcomers who plan on settling in British Columbia. 


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