Meenakshi, Technical Recruiter from India

Meenakshi is a skilled immigrant from India, who immigrated with her husband to Vancouver, British Columbia in September 2017. They decided to move to Canada because Canada is one of the best countries across the world in terms of welcoming immigrants. It has multicultural diversity and is a very beautiful country that provides quality life, great job prospective and an ideal place to settle in.

Meenakshi secured employment as a Technical Recruiter at a big recruitment agency in Vancouver within a month after arrival. Her current position is directly related to her previous occupation in India and she is happy to help her clients in placing technical resources for their projects.
Meenakshi shared her experience with SOPA:

“All the courses provided by SOPA are of great benefit in finding a job here and is a must thing to do. In my case, these courses helped me a lot in all the areas of getting a job offer like it helped me in preparing my resume, targeted resume, cover letter, targeted cover letter, how to make connections and network in Canadian market, landing information interviews, tapping the hidden job market, interview preparation, after interview “to-do” things and lot more.

I would suggest people who come to Canada to take advantage of SOPA services as much as they can because they are here to help you out. Do your homework while you are in your home country and be prepared before landing and trust me it will be a lot easier for you to settle in here and faster, if you come prepared. And be confident and motivated always.

People can find the right networks by doing research of their field, look into the prospects of your occupation in Canadian market, make connections with Canadians working in your field, gather information and once you are in Canada then meet people of your field over coffee. Also, I strongly recommend contact/visit all the recruitment agencies in your province as they are the biggest source of job opportunities available in the hidden market which they do not publish most of the time. So, making connection with them will expose you to the hidden job market. SOPA can guide in all these things.

I would say that SOPA courses are very organised and informative and the facilitator is very knowledgeable, responsive and proactive in helping out people in their job search.My success would not be possible without Soraya`s help. Thank you for helping me out in finding a job here in Canada in my field. I really appreciate the extended help and guidance that I got from your end. Again, I would like thanks SOPA for the good work that you people are doing.”

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MOSAIC is offering this settlement online pre-arrival program in partnership with the Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia for newcomers who plan on settling in British Columbia. 


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