Red, Java Developer from the Philippines

Red“I was a computer programmer in the Philippines during the first four years of my career. I decided to take my chances and work in Singapore for three years after gathering my IT experience.

I took the Working in Canada course because I was applying for jobs while I was in the Philippines. The timing was perfect because when I arrived in B.C., I had a few interviews and I learned how to negotiate a job contract in Canada through the course! I received a job offer within a few weeks of landing.

There is a lot of information in the internet nowadays, but only a few organizations can summarize the most important information in a concise way. SOPA was able to do that for me. There is one chapter in the SOPA course that talks about understanding work culture through the different characters in the readings, audio clips, and videos, which was really powerful.

I wish I had learned about the courses sooner so I would have had time to take the other courses. I recommend other people start taking the courses as soon as they can before arriving in Canada.”

See his story on the NewToBC blog:

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MOSAIC is offering this settlement online pre-arrival program in partnership with the Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia for newcomers who plan on settling in British Columbia. 


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