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John Tesfamichael

Coordinator – Pre-Arrival Services

John is a career non-profit management professional currently coordinating the Pre-Arrival services team. He has:

  • Over 15 years experience leading and managing various economic and social development programs in various countries
  • Extensive experience in program development and management, organizational assessment, strategic planning, corporate social responsibility/accountability, donor and partnership development
  • A masters degree in international development and is a PhD candidate

Linda Ragoonanan

Employment Specialist/Employment Advisor

Linda is Certified Career Development Practitioner professional with over 18 years of experience with non-for-profit organizations. She has worked with programs such as Tourism and Hospitality, Skills Connect for Immigrant Program, Settlement Online Pre-Arrival Program and Planning for Canada. Presently, she is working with MOSAIC as an Employment Specialist with the Settlement On-line Pre-Arrival Program and Employment Advisor with Planning for Canada.

As a career professional, her main purpose is to empower new immigrants and to develop realistic career goals. Her passion is to encourage them to search all the possibilities for better opportunities. Her ability to communicate with any age group and people of all communities has given her the opportunity to guide many into their chosen profession. She is an advocate in treating people with dignity, respect, empathy and compassion.

Soraya Etminan

Facilitator (Job Search Strategies)

Soraya loves assisting immigrants through the SOPA program as they prepare to arrive in beautiful British Columbia. She has:

  • 15 years of experience at MOSAIC working with immigrants in a variety of roles
  • Worked with over 500 immigrants throughout her career to help them integrate in Canada
  • A degree in general sciences and a certificate as a Career Development Practitioner and completed additional training in order to ensure each client receives the best possible support

Sam Seo

Intake Worker

Sam has proudly been helping new immigrants settle down in British Columbia since 2011 and thrilled to be working with the SOPA team to connect immigrants with local services and networks. She has:

  • Three years of experience as a Program Assistant/Receptionist at an immigrant settlement and integration program
  • Worked with over 650 international students who want to improve their skills and find opportunities in BC
  • A degree in law and additional training to provide excellent client support

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