Tuyen, Financial Services Representative from Iran

My name is Tuyen Le, I immigrated from Vietnam. My professional employment experience is Credit Officer at a commercial bank for nearly 10 years. When I decided to take on a new journey by immigrating to Canada, the whole thing was exciting yet nerve-racking at the same time.

I took the Job Search Strategies Course. In the course, I was able to learn how to write resume and cover letter adapted to Canadian-way. The course also helped me to prepare in advance for those commonly-asked interview questions. Finally, what I found the most interesting in this course that I had never knew of before is about having a good employment portfolio ready into the interview to showcase all my professional, educational, and personal achievements. By putting this portfolio together, I had the chance to reflect on all the achievements that I accomplished throughout the years, which really helped me to build up more confidence when talking about my achievements. As a result, in the actual interview, I was able to present my employment portfolio to the employer and further convince them of my true capabilities on the spot.

My course facilitator, Soraya Etminan, is very supportive throughout my whole journey from the pre-arrival period until now. During the course, she gave me very helpful and constructive feedback in timely manner. After that, I truly appreciate that she was always willing to take the time out of her busy schedule to give me more support based on my work performance in the course if I asked her so in order to help me get the job.

My advice to newcomers to Canada is to be positive, persistent, and flexible. There were some days that I did have my own moments of doubt and felt lack of direction. However, I was able to grow out of it by meeting new people, exploring more about Canada as my new home, kept reminding myself of the reason why I decided to come here in the first place, and trying make the best out of the situation. Therefore, I kept sending out lots of resumes, accepting rejections and moving on to the next job opportunities. Finally, I think that, as similar to other skilled immigrants, my biggest challenge here is lack of Canadian work experience. Therefore, I was flexible to any opportunities, ready to accept roles as the entry level, and willing to work my way up. My main priority is to gain as much as Canadian experience before having the chance to get back to my past profession. Fortunately, with my first job in Canada now, I am able to get back to the same industry and job level.

My new job is Financial Services Representative at one of the biggest Credit Unions. It is relevant to my past profession as it is also in the banking/financial services field and the same NOC Code.

I feel very fortunate with the supports I received from SOPA MOSAIC and was introduced to the course which prepared me better for Canadian labor market and hence made the transition easier for me and my family.

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MOSAIC is offering this settlement online pre-arrival program in partnership with the Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia for newcomers who plan on settling in British Columbia. 


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