About this program

MOSAIC’s Workplace Connections Mentoring Program offers the opportunity to expand your professional network, gain accreditation, and hone your understanding of the local workplace culture.

Workplace Connections Career Mentors has over 140 Career Mentors in 20 professions. Each one has volunteered to share their working knowledge with immigrants like yourself. By meeting these experienced professionals, you will gain the knowledge you need to successfully enter the Canadian workplace.

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Hours & days of operation

Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm

Clients can be referred by Settlement or Employment staff and may self-refer.

This is not just any kind of mentoring, it’s a one-to-one opportunity which is customized to your aspirations and needs. Workplace Connections Mentee


Mentorship provides individuals with valuable career advice, helping to build their professional network, and to learn how to be more effective in finding jobs. The program is delivered in English by two Program Facilitators and over 135 volunteers. Volunteers are screened, trained and support in their role by Program Facilitators.

Workplace Connections Mentorship can include:

  • 3 months of one-on-one mentorship, once per week for approximately two hours.
  • Information Mentorship sessions with Career Mentors or Peer Mentors.
  • Working Circles Group Mentorship, facilitated by a Career Mentor, which focuses on a single profession and discussions related to that profession.
  • Working Sessions Group Mentorship, for mentors and mentees from all professions. Working Sessions feature small group discussions and activities on topics important to finding and keeping a job in Canada. A great way to meet more professionals.

Clients are invited to participate in program events for up to 1 year, giving you access to a growing and diverse professional network.


Workplace Connections is designed for immigrant professionals who need help integrating into their chosen profession in Canada. Participants in the program must:

  • Be a Permanent Resident and eligible to work in Canada
  • Have at least 2 years of experience in a chosen profession before coming to Canada
  • Be ready to work
  • Have been assessed at, or have completed, LINC 6 or higher
Please complete the online application form if you are interested in participating in Workplace Connections. One of our staff will contact you soon to discuss the next steps.

If you have questions, please email mentors@mosaicbc.org or call 604-254-9626.


Ricardo, a trained biologist and science teacher, moved to Canada from Brazil four months ago. He knew about our program thanks to settlement pre-arrival services.

Ricardo was looking for a job as a lab technician. He wanted to become a science teacher again but he lacked Canadian experience and didn’t know anything about the process to become a teacher in BC. Ricardo came to Workplace Connections looking for help and we matched him with a mentor named Lily, a Chemistry teacher.

Lily not only provided Ricardo with information and resources about the academia pathway but she also offered him an opportunity to volunteer as a lab aide at her school. Through volunteering, Ricardo learned lab protocols and built up his confidence in his technical and soft skills.

After a couple of months, a lab assistant opportunity came up. Ricardo applied and got the job!

Thanks to Lily, Ricardo is better prepared for his first job in Canada and now has a clearer idea of the steps to follow in his path to become a teacher.

Workplace Connections mentors provide meaningful experiences and they will go the extra mile for you!


Tai is an UX/UI designer who moved to Canada in 2017. She is a highly proactive, skilled individual. Her resume and communication skills were exceptional but she was aware of the cultural differences that might arise at the workplace.

Tai learned about MOSAIC and Workplace Connections through settlement pre-arrival services, thus, she came looking for a mentor after just 15 days in the country. During the matching process she landed a job — in her first two months in Vancouver!

We offered her an information session with an Information Architect. Her mentor gave her feedback to improve her resume, advised on organizations and schools where she could continue her education, shared thoughts about the work environment in their field and offered insights about specific situations.

Thanks to her mentor, Tai gained confidence and discovered that micromanaging is not a rule in Canada.

Workplace Connections mentors can help you not only with your job search but also to learn about your new environment once you get a job!

This program has helped boost my self-confidence, improve my job-search skills, and create a social network with inspiring mentors. Workplace Connections Mentee

The MOSAIC Workplace Connections Mentoring Program is provided thanks to the support of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).