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About this program

A voluntary community-based parenting program for first time parents who feel anxious or alone and feel they can benefit from having a consistent support. MOSAIC’s Building Blocks Vancouver (BBV) care team of Family Support Home Visitors, Nurses and Social Worker Consultants will visit your home to:

  • Monitor your baby’s health and development while providing information about different milestones
  • Share information on healthy nutrition and provide hands on support with feeding
  • Promote healthy attachment between parent and child (supporting your child’s needs, reading baby’s cues, appropriate discipline)
  • Introduce you to community resources that can help strengthen your family dynamics.
  • Support you through various challenges to help you learn, grow and thrive together with your child.
  • Support you and your child through transitions to daycare, preschool and sometimes kindergarten.

Parents in this program will be assigned a MOSAIC Family Support Home Visitor who will meet you approximately once per week to answer questions or concerns and provide parenting advice.

Who qualifies?

  • We offer services to Vancouver-based parents who are expecting their first child
  • Parents/caregivers whose first child is under 6 months old at the time of referral
  • Parents can be referred by their health professionals (nurse, social worker, community worker) or they can self-refer by faxing the referral to 604-254-9636.

An initial assessment will take place at the intake meeting. During this meeting, the participant and BBV care team will get to know each other, and the participant’s need for the program will be assessed.

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