About our Family Centre

If you are new to Canada, there are many services to support you and your children. MOSAIC’s Family Centre has information and programs on parenting and childhood development.

The Family Centre runs programs for families. We also help our clients find meaningful volunteer opportunities in the community, as well provide outreach services in the community to help families navigate and locate other supports.

When families first attend the Family Centre, they will enter into our “Welcoming Room.” Here they will be able to register and have their needs assessed.  They will be fully informed of the different services and programs at the centre and they will be made to feel very welcome, safe and comfortable.

Contact Information

7009 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC
Phone: 604 636 0120

Our program hours are 9:30am-2:30pm Monday to Friday. Hot lunch at 11:30am and snack at 2pm are provided in all programs.

Programs are only available to registered clients.

Programs Available

Newcomers’ Group supports refugee parents with young children by providing information on early childhood development (ECD) and health issues. Though not intended as an English-language class, the language to support this type of learning and sharing is introduced.

Early Learning Orientation Program works with parents and children to overcome specific developmental needs, attachment issues, parenting challenges and makes referrals for additional support/intervention when necessary. It also prepares children for entering into mainstream programming (childcare or preschool).
We offer a preschool orientation program to children age 3-5, which provides activities similar as seen in mainstream preschool programs to support the parents and children experience and understand Canadian preschool system. It also prepares children who will enter Kindergarten in coming September.
Individual support from Family Settlement Support Workers is available to help develop and work through a settlement plan focused on early childhood development and parenting in Canada.

Available languages

Staff members have language capacity in Amharic (አማርኛ), Arabic (عربي), Dari (دری), English, Farsi (فارسی), Korean (한국어), Mandarin (中文), Pashto (پښتو), Spanish (Español), Tigringa (ትግርኛ) and Urdu (اُردو).

At our Family Centre, we primarily work with:

• Refugee parents/caregivers and their young children (0- 6 years old).
• Reside in Burnaby or New Westminster.
• Been in Canada for 5 years or less.

*Please bring PR Cards or immigration documents of yourself and your child(ren) to register.

Email nccf_reception@mosaicbc.org, call 604-636-0120 or fax 604-636-0123. Please include eligibility information.

The Newcomers’ Family Centre programming is made available thanks to the support of Immigration Refugees Citizenship Canada and the United Way, Lower Mainland. 

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