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The MOSAIC English Language Institute (MELI) is a fee for service English language school that provides dynamic and learners centered training to newcomers from around the world. Our professional and experienced teaching staff will give you the language tools to succeed in Vancouver.

Currently enrolling (summer session):

Aug. 7 – 31 | Full details (PDF)

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More information:

Phone: 604-708-3905
Email: meli@mosaicbc.org

206-2555 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, B.C. V5N 4C1

Office hours:

Mon. – Thurs.: 11:30am – 2:45pm

Matthew Levan (Beginner Level Teacher)

Matthew has over 8 years teaching beginner level English courses. In his teaching career he has helped many different kinds of students: students whose language was completely different than English; students that could not even say hello; even students that needed to learn how to hold a pencil! Using his body and gestures he is able to teach and reach anyone who is willing to learn. He is patient, caring and most of all a fun teacher. He is ready to help you meet your needs!

Melika Askari (Intermediate Level Teacher)

Melika has a diverse base of experience teaching English in a variety of settings both here in Vancouver and in her home country of Iran. In addition to her position with us she has also taught within the LINC ESL program for over 2 years. Before coming to Vancouver she was a University lecturer in vocational English language programs. She believes that her experience as a Newcomer in Vancouver has given her great empathy for the struggles that her students face. This has given her a passion for helping newcomers find success.

Meoni Poon (Advanced Level Teacher)

Meoni has an extensive amount of experience facilitating advanced English courses. He has taught in the LINC English program with MOSAIC for over 6 years. Prior to that Meoni taught academic English courses at Memorial University in Newfoundland. He has also taught academic preparation courses here in Vancouver at Columbia College. This experience has given him a rich knowledge base in how to work with advanced English learners.

In addition to the above mentioned classes our 2 month September/October semester will include some of the following options:

  • IELT’s Preparation Course. Get the techniques and study strategies for an excellent IELT’s score.
  • Employment Bootcamp. Get skills for writing resumes and cover letters, answering job interview questions, and networking in the community.
  • Specialized skilled classes based upon just one skill. Maybe you need extra writing help or just listening assistance. You will be able to take classes based upon one of these skills.

If you are interested in any of these classes. Please email us at: meli@mosaicbc.org

TESL Canada Certified

TESL CanadaAll of our instructors are have TESL Canada recognized training.