About the Network

The Resilience BC Anti-Racism Network was formed in 2020 and offers a province wide approach to connect communities with information, supports and training they need to respond to, and prevent incidents of, racism and hate.

This Network delivers coordinated services through a “Hub and Spoke” model. The centralized “Hub” managed by the Victoria Immigrant and Refugee Centre Society anchors the program and provides oversight. 36 organizations operating in 40 communities across the province serve as the “Spoke” members that help see through service delivery. MOSAIC currently acts as the Spoke for Surrey/White Rock.

Why are we leading the Spoke?

MOSAIC served as the lead for the Surrey branch of the Organizing Against Racism and Hate Network (which preceded Resilience BC) from 2017-2020, and is proud to continue this important work through the Resilience BC Anti-Racism Network.

MOSAIC’s vision – together we advance an inclusive and thriving Canada – is at the core of all our work, including our commitment to addressing racism and discrimination in all its forms both in Surrey/White Rock and elsewhere.

Beyond advocating for inclusivity, we aim to combat systemic and individual racism through community action and advocacy, and by leveraging the collective capacity of the many groups and individuals carrying out the crucial work of anti-racism.