I Belong - LGBTQIA2+ Community Resources

In addition to the weekly peer support & counselling groups, I Belong’s program facilitator can connect LGBTQIA2+ clients with both internal and external resources through our referral system. For further information or questions, please connect with I Belong directly.

Available languages

Group and one-on-one services are delivered in English. Additional language support is available upon request.

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Trans Newcomer Online Resource Hub

The trans resource hub provides information and support to folks who identify as transgender and nonbinary identities and expressions that are different from expectations based on their sex assigned at birth. To learn more, please visit trans.mosaicbc.org.

Contact information

To register for any of our I Belong programs, please email ibelong@mosaicbc.org.

Ash Rush,

LGBTQ+ Support Worker


I belong award

I Belong is made possible through the funding of the Foundation of Hope and in-kind support by MOSAIC.