About this Project

Operation #Not Forgotten (ONF) is an initiative run by MOSAIC with the goal of shining a light on refugees often forgotten and underrepresented in media coverage across the world.

This project offers an alternative pathway and durable solution for resettlement in Canada via MOSAIC’s Private Refugee Sponsorship Program.

Click here to listen to Saleem Spindari, Senior Manager of Refugees and Migrant Worker Programs, speak to the Along the Way podcast about ONF and the work MOSAIC does to resettle individuals through Canada’s private sponsorship program.

Current Focus

The catalyst and current focus of the ONF project are the forgotten refugees that have been indefinitely detained on Manus (Papua New Guinea) and Nauru Islands.

Since September 2013, the Australian Government has been sending people seeking asylum to offshore facilities in Nauru and Papua New Guinea under a policy called “Offshore Processing”.

Refugee Registration for Operation #NotForgotten

    1. To be CONSIDERED  for this program, you must have been involuntarily transferred by Australia to  NAURU or PAPUA NEW GUINEA
    2. Currently we are submitting applications ONLY for the persons who have applied to the US resettlement program and have been rejected.
    3. If you have applied to the US program and you are still waiting, DO NOT GIVE UP! 
      Sponsorship to Canada can take 26-28 months. If you are not accepted into the US program, you can then apply to Operation not forgotten.
    4. This is NOT a government program
      This is a private project organized by MOSAIC and volunteers from Canada and Australia to help people who have no other option for resettlement. While this is not a Government Program, the Government of Canada will make the final decision on your application.
    5. This online form is NOT THE OFFICIAL APPLICATION for sponsorship.
      It is just an expression of interest as a first step in gathering the information needed for your potential Private Refugee Sponsorship application to Canada.  Being in the Canada Private Sponsorship Program does not mean that you are eligible to travel to Canada.  If you have already expressed your interest in Operation Not Forgotten please do no repeat the process.

    Please provide the following information:

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • By submitting my application, I hereby authorize MOSAIC to share with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), all information and any documents collected in the context of a Private Sponsorship Application that pertain to me and/or my family/dependants. This includes, in particular, my agreement that the reasons for a decision relating to a Private Sponsorship Application lodged with Canada Government are shared with UNHCR. I am aware that UNHCR has a strict data protection and privacy policy and will not disclose any information or documents collected in the context of my Private Sponsorship Application with a third party or government without my consent.