About this Project

Operation #Not Forgotten (ONF) is an initiative run by MOSAIC with the goal of shining a light on refugees often forgotten and underrepresented in media coverage across the world.

This project offers an alternative pathway and durable solution for resettlement in Canada via MOSAIC’s Private Refugee Sponsorship Program.

Click here to listen to Saleem Spindari, former Senior Manager of Refugees and Migrant Worker Programs, speak to the Along the Way podcast about ONF and the work MOSAIC does to resettle individuals through Canada’s private sponsorship program.

Current Focus

The catalyst and current focus of the ONF project are the forgotten refugees that have been indefinitely detained on Manus (Papua New Guinea) and Nauru Islands.

Since September 2013, the Australian Government has been sending people seeking asylum to offshore facilities in Nauru and Papua New Guinea under a policy called “Offshore Processing”.