Our Work With Refugees

MOSAIC is proud to support refugees by providing critical resettlement and integration support, and advocating for positive change alongside refugee communities. Our refugee resettlement and refugee claimant programs are internationally recognized by the United Nations because of their innovative nature and commitment to “nothing for refugees without refugees.”

As a Sponsorship Agreement Holder within Canada’s Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program, we are proud to save lives by engaging with members of the wider community to sponsor and resettle refugees in need of assistance to Canada – refugees who we later witness actively participating in our communities and making positive differences in Canada. MOSAIC is also one of BC’s largest service providers for refugee claimants. We have the privilege and responsibility to guide and walk with refugee claimants who have fled their country due to war, violence or a well-founded fear of persecution and are seeking refugee protection at Canada’s borders or within the country. We see resilience in our clients, and our teams apply a strengths-based approach while offering support and serving as a bridge to critical services. We have passion: You can find us doing whatever it takes to provide high quality one to-one and group services for all refugees: refugee claimants, convention refugees, protected persons, as well as other non-status or stateless persons.

Ways to support refugees

Our critical work is made possible by people like you

  • Donate:

MOSAIC’s Afghan Response Fund – Support our lifesaving sponsorship and integration efforts alongside the Afghan Community.

Operation #NotForgotten – Help us to provide safe resettlement for hundreds of refugees indefinitely detained through Australia’s Offshore Processing policy since 2013. We want to demonstrate to them – and to the world – that they are NOT forgotten and deserve a future.

  • Gift cards for Refugee Claimants: Grocery store gift cards help refugee claimants facing poverty to access items they need. If interested in donating, please email refugeeclaimant@mosaicbc.org.
  • Volunteer: Volunteer Settlement teams are needed to assist Sponsored Refugees upon their arrival in Canada during their first year. If you would like to help, please contact: volunteer@mosaicbc.org.

If you are interested in volunteering to support refugee claimants in Vancouver, email refugeeclaimant@mosaicbc.org for more information!

Leadership & Community Collaboration

Client testimonials

“I am very grateful to MOSAIC because they gave me so much support when I arrived in Canada.…The two people who looked after me were so kind and found me housing and a safe place. They are very, very good people.”

“My experience with MOSAIC was very good and very friendly! The manager connected us to transition housing; and even came to meet us at the hotel, and took us to the train station so we could get to Abbottsford. Plus, she followed up with us and didn’t forget who I was when I saw her again!”

 “We were lucky to get introduced to the brilliant team at MOSAIC in Surrey. They helped us a lot with applying for work permit, answering our questions, and assisting us with our refugee hearing process.”