womens support

About this program

The MOSAIC Multicultural Women’s Support Group provides a space for immigrant and refugee women to build connections to the community and to learn about life in Canada. Our group of immigrant women meet regularly to talk, cook, learn about new programs and resources and participate in many different activities at MOSAIC sites and in the community.

The Women’s Support Group is a safe, welcoming environment where you can:

  • Make friends
  • Share experiences
  • Gain self-confidence
  • Improve English skills (led by a MOSAIC volunteer)
  • Learn more about Canadian culture and the Vancouver community
  • Discuss common concerns
  • Gain access to resources (community, basic legal information)
  • Find group volunteer opportunities
  • Go on field trips as a group

If programs are delivered in English, language support may be available. Some programs will be aimed at specific language groups.

Who can join?

Our Women’s Support group is open to all immigrant and refugee women. You do not need to be new to Canada to join.

How to participate

The Women’s Support Group meets once a week on Tuesday, 9-noon, at the MOSAIC Vancouver Community Room.

To join, come to any meeting in the above schedule or contact afghangroup@mosaicbc.org

Surround yourself with people who are only going to lift you higher.Anonymous

Support Groups for Women are made possible through support from the City of Vancouver.

City of Vancouver