Intercultural Competency Training

Intercultural Competency Training is a structured approach to building awareness and understanding of different cultural behaviours. Intercultural competency training helps to create a workforce where people of diverse cultures work together more easily and effectively.

Specialized needs?

Whether you are a service provider, organization, institution, or business, MOSAIC can provide specialized trainings to fit your needs.

You tell us about the cultural challenges you are encountering and we design a customized workshop to support you in responding to your specific concerns.

MOSAIC’s intercultural training programs will give you the theory, tools and practice you need to confidently navigate difference and to optimize relationships with others. Over 600 people have successfully completed our intercultural training programs.

Next session

Please register now for our next session: Introduction to Intercultural Competency. This workshop will have an online component followed by a 3-hour face-to-face workshop.

Online course opens:

Friday, June 9th, 2017 (12:00pm)*

Face-to-Face Workshop:

Date: Saturday, June 17th, 2017
Location: 206-2555 Commercial Drive
Time: 9:30am-2:00pm
There will be a 30 minute break for lunch

Cost: $150
Facilitator: Taslim Damji

*Workshop will run subject to enrolment.

Contact information

To register or find out more, please email or phone 604-708-3905.

We are surrounded by people who look, speak, think or feel differently than we do. Differences exist on many levels, including cultural and personal. Sometimes, these differences get in the way of open and positive interactions, though we may not even realize it.

Intercultural Competence training helps to explain behaviours that appear unfamiliar, surprising or upsetting. It helps us develop strategies to move forward when confronted with values and behaviours that are different to our own instead responding reactively.

Intercultural competency helps us cultivate genuine respect for others and grows our ability to work with people from different cultures.

Intercultural training is very effective because it develops cultural intelligence and provides strategies for dealing with culturally diverse behaviours and approaches. Studies have shown that building cultural intelligence helps us to form more constructive relationships and yields better results in our interactions.

Increasingly, organizations, institutions and corporations have been offering IC trainings to help their diverse employee workforces interact more successfully with each other as well as with their often diverse client base.

Developing a value for different perspectives and ways of doing things gives us greater confidence in working with others respectfully and effectively.

Over 90% of participants who have completed MOSAIC’s IC trainings have indicated that as a result of the training, they feel better able to manage cultural difference more skillfully.

MOSAIC Intercultural Training Options

Introduction to Intercultural Competency

A 6-hour blended training:

  • 2 hours online with concepts and comprehension quizzes
  • 3 hours face-to-face active workshop
  • 1 hour in reflection and reporting

Over 600 people have successfully completed the Introduction to Intercultural Competency training, including:

  • MOSAIC staff, volunteers and mentors
  • David Suzuki Foundation staff members
  • Emily Carr University of Art and Design students
  • Klein & Associates instructional staff and administrators

Other models available:
1-hour info-session – Outline of general concepts and value

3-hour presentation – General concepts and application walk-through

Specialized training, upon request

Introduction to Intercultural Competency for Language Teaching 

A 6-hour blended training:

  • 2 hours online with concepts and comprehension quizzes
  • 3 hours face-to-face active workshop
  • 1 hour in reflection and reporting

Over 110 language teachers have completed the Introduction to Intercultural Competency for Language Teaching training.

Intercultural Competency for Language Teaching (ONLINE version)

An 8-hour online training

  • Concepts, practice, resources, classroom materials (CLB-aligned)

This program specializes in teaching refugees.

IC for Language Teachers – Working with vulnerable learners (PDF download)